Lawless Brewing Co.

Project Description

Overview: When discussing the direction and esthetic of what Ben & Whitney Wallace (majority owners of Lawless Brewing Co.) wanted to see in the branding for their brewery, the main adjectives that we honed in on were clean, friendly, and modern. ⠀⠀

Some other aspects that they wanted to accomplish with developing their identity were that they wanted the brand to show its roots of being born in Los Angeles. But most of all the look and feel of Lawless Brewing Co. had to be all about delicious craft beer!


Craft Beer with an L.A. Attitude

Lawless Brewing was founded in 2010 by owners Ben & Whitney Wallace. The husband-and-wife team has won a combined 10 Emmy Awards working as producers for the iconic television show Entertainment Tonight, but their love for craft beer blossomed shortly after Ben purchased a small home brewing kit. A friend who noticed the beer fermenting in the closet exclaimed “It’s Lawless up in here!” The name stuck. Ben began brewing with his good friend Aaron Rainwater in 2013; they began formulating and perfecting recipes, and the seeds to start a business were planted. 8 years later, we’ve finally arrived in North Hollywood. It’s time to get Lawless!

Project Details

Client: Lawless Brewing Co.

Tags: Branding, Design, Photography, UI/UX Design, Videography, Web

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