Trust Your Designer

When we start any new project, our goal is to make the logo original and personal. Each part of the logo, the lines, the colors, even the font all have meaning. We will never put anything in the design just because it’s “trending” at the moment. So, it is important that when we start our work together that there is trust. Trust that what we hand you that first time, in our expert opinion, is what will work best.

You don’t know how often we hear “Oh, we love you’re work. We completely trust you! Do whatever you think is best.” To then have them turn around and say “Well, this isn’t really what we pictured. We wanted it to look more like this…” or “It takes you that long to make a logo? I was really only hoping to spend $50?”. Now we have a question for you, would you walk into your doctors office and say “I was really hoping this surgery was only going to take 3 hours. I have a deadline to meet.” No. No you wouldn’t. There is an unspoken trust between a doctor and patient. We as patients do what the doctor thinks is best because they are the expert.

We will never understand why people always seem to second guess designers and artists. We truly want what is best for your company! Even if we think that your new app won’t be the next Uber, we will put everything into making sure your logo looks BETTER than Uber’s. This is what we love to do. We wouldn’t have spent $80,000 on a little piece of paper if it wasn’t.

Believe me, we understand that this company is your baby and you want to make sure everything is how you’ve envisioned. Understand that it is our job to take everything you want and make it better with the knowledge and expertise that we have. Let us do what we love and we promise you’ll get kick ass results.

Posted on March 3, 2019 in branding, Design, Inspiration, Logos

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